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Writers in Residence is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to recording and describing key institutions of the modern world — through the talent of some of the greatest writers and photographers on the planet.

Designed by Jeremy Leslie of magCulture, each book in the set looks to collapse boundaries between long form journalism and non-fiction, finding a third way between a book and magazine to reveal stories and places as they’ve never been seen before.

When you order the complete set you get: 

Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H.W. Bush
By Geoff Dyer 
Photographs by Chris Steele Perkins 

Money and Tough Love: On Tour with the IMF
By Liaquat Ahamed 
Photographs by Eli Reed 

Kitten Clone: Inside Alcatel-Lucent
By Douglas Coupland 
Photographs by Olivia Arthur